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Position: Specialist - Geographical Information System
Organization: IRRI, India.
Application URL: http://irri.org/talentlink/details.html?id=Q7LFK026203F3VBQB79QWQWAS&nPostingID=585&nPostingTargetID=1221&mask=irriext&lg=EN
Posted Date: 2017-01-16
Deadline: 2017-01-20
IRRI India is implementing a project on ďIncreasing Productivity of Rice-Based Cropping Systems and Farmersí Income in OdishaĒ funded by the Government of Odisha with an estimated budget of USD 12.75 million in 5 years. The program aims to enhance and stabilize rice productivity and increase farmersí income particularly in stress prone areas and establish sustainable rice based farming systems. The program is composed of 5 individual subproject interventions that will be implemented in 30 districts. The first component will focus on strengthening seed systems of stress tolerant rice varieties through innovative demonstration & extension approaches; the second component will validate and develop extrapolation domain mapping methodology to identify the suitability of rice base cropping systems in underutilized stress prone rice fallows areasí of the state; the third project component intends to increase profitability and productivity by introducing the Rice Crop Manager software; the fourth component will help increase rice productivity through innovative extension methods, creating knowledge management banks, fostering partnerships and capacity building of target partners; and the fifth component will assist in reducing risk of production by working with key stakeholders in developing crop insurance for farmers considering affordability and economic viability. This component introduces the Satellite Remote-Sensing Based Rice Monitoring System to assess the loss during natural calamities. Each project component contributes to the overall goal to increase the productivity of rice-based cropping systems and farmersí income in Odisha.

This position will identify appropriate plan and design of experiments/surveys and research studies utilizing the IRRI Geographical Information System. Effectively manage the scope, outline and efficient execution of the research process/operation. Deliver substantial research conclusions based on consolidated and properly analyzed data.


Plan and design multiple experiments/surveys and research studies utilizing the Geographic Information System (GIS)
Manage the data collection process for primary and secondary datasets from the field ( soil, water, weather and crops) using appropriate devices
Evaluate the data using Geostatistical modeling, integration of different datasets ; decision tree algorithms and other advanced decision support systems (DSS)
Maintain WebGIS platforms to ensure easy access of information
Identify the appropriate research outline and organize the research requirements including the procurement of all the necessary materials and equipment as well manpower needed for the progression of the project


Provide timely recommendations to internal and external collaborators/project leaders in order to effectively manage the scope, outline and efficient execution of the research process/operation
Coordinate with the different project partners/ researchers/technicians/contract workers and other services outsourced to ensure that research procedures follow the experimental protocol and SOP
Supervise technicians, scholars, interns by providing constant coaching and performance feedbacks


Organize and verify the collected data using the appropriate advance geo-statistical tools defined objective of the study
Deliver substantial conclusions from the research study
Secure a valid database/dataset to ensure that all information is current, updated, relevant and available
Provide extensive contribution to the content of scientific journals, web-based publications and serve as the primary speaker in both local and international seminars/conferences
Perform any other relevant duties as assigned by supervisor from time to time

Bachelorís degree in Agricultural, Geography, Agronomy, Soil Science, Horticulture, Natural Resource, Biology or related field with minimum of 10 month diploma in use GIS in agriculture or related fields, 5 years relevant work experience

Masterís degree in Agriculture or allied sciences with minimum of 10 month diploma in use GIS in agriculture or related fields, 3 years relevant work experience

Masterís degree in Geography, geomorphology or geology with with GIS as main course; 3 years relevant work experience

Skills Required

Has extensive proven technical proficiency in geospatial technologies with proven skills in characterization, land use mapping, geo-statistical modeling, use of remote sensing/GIS/other devices (spectroradiometers, DGPS, GPS, SPAD, LAI, other scientific probes etc.); with strong hold on decision tree algorithms and farmerís field data for developing agri-informatics and solutions, integration with different remote sensing and secondary datasets, automatic data extraction and linkages
Has good oral and written communication skills in Oriya
Has good organization and interpersonal skills
Strong Experience and proven skills in data analysis using statistical methods and software packages - SAS, SPSS
Has experience with monitoring and documentation of fields activities
Excellent English and Oriya skills

Has experience of using scientific software like SWAT, MATlab
Knowledge and familiarity and linkages with local organizations, data sources

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