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Demand and Supply Curves

The intersection point of the demand and the supply curves of a commodity is the equilibrium point. The coordinates of the equilibrium point are the equilibrium price and the equilibrium quantity. A shortage/surplus occurs if the market price of the commodity is below/above the equilibrium price. To estimate the equilibrium price/quantity and surplus/shortage quantity of a commodity, a few design tools are presented below.


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Demand and Supply Curves

In drawing the demand/supply curve of a commodity, it is assumed that the factors (except the price of the commodity) that influence the demand/supply curve are fixed. Therefore, to understand more on demand and supply curves of a commodity, which are shifted either to the right or to the left due to a change in one of the factors that influence the demand/supply curve, a few design tools are presented below.


Depreciating a PPE Asset

Excluding land, a PPE (Property, Plant, and Equipment) asset is expected to have a limited life. Therefore, according to generally accepted accounting principles, the cost of a PPE asset is depreciated over the estimated useful life of the asset. A few tools to depreciate a PPE asset based on either usage-based or time-based are presented below.

Financial Ratios

The financial ratios that are supported with additional details and analysis are used to measure the financial health of an organisation. A few design tools to estimate the liquidity and leverage ratios that are based on the values reported in the balance sheets of the organisation are presented below.


Financial Ratios

A few design tools that are based on the income statements and the balance sheets of an organisation are presented below. These tools are to estimate the profitability ratios such as the gross profit ratio, net profit ratio, and operating profit ratio of an organisation. These ratios are of interest for both the shareholders and the creditors of an organisation.


Stock Market

Stock market which refers to the collection of markets and exchanges where the issuing and trading of equities or stocks of publicly held companies and other classes of securities take place is one of the most vital components of a free-market economy. A few design tools to learn the art of stock trading and investing are presented below.

Generic Tools

The computational and analytical tools to estimate the generic parameters such as AER, monthly interest rate, and maturity rate are presented below.

Animal Science

Animal science studies the biology of animals. Animal nutrition, animal breeding, animal structure and function, animal agribusiness, and animal reproduction are some of the topics that are covered in the development of tools in animal science.

Engineering Science

Structural Engineering
Soil Mechanics
Geotechnical Engineering
Transportation Engineering